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Meet Marylène

Wilderness. This is most likely my favourite word in the English vocabulary.

I feel truly Alive when hiking in the Wilderness and sharing my experiences and emotions through my photography.

I grew up in the mountains of les Vosges (France), a protected and mysterious peat-bog as a front window view, and a vast forest as a backyard. My Dad passed on to me his passion for the outdoors, and my Mum her love for books and stories.
I felt later on the need to live my own stories. My travels brought me to New Zealand, where I've been living in the pleasant town of Motueka for about 6 years.
The little flame of adventure gently kindled in my childhood has now become a blazing inner fire, fueled by hiking, writing and photography. And just one word acts as spark: Wilderness.


And you, what feeds your own fire?

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