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Great Himalaya Trail - Partners Presentation: DEVOLD

Devold of Norway is one of our partners in this amazing adventure and we are honored to work with this excellent company. We have chosen them for all our base layers as well as socks and hats, and they have offered us a whopping 40% discount on the purchase of our gear.

Established in Norway in 1853, Devold is one of the oldest outdoor brand and a pioneer when it comes to developing the use of merino wool with high ethical standards. Rather than absorbing moisture, merino wool transports perspiration away from your skin, dispersing it on the outer surface where it can evaporate. This allows you to stay dry, and in cold weather or when you sweat, this is very important, as you will then stay warm.

For the Great Himalaya Trail, I have selected the following items to keep a good balance between weight and warmth:

- Hiking woman hipster (underwears) - Double bra - Breeze woman long johns - Breeze woman shirt - Alnes woman half zip neck - Islender cap - Hiking liner sock - Cross country woman sock

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