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Great Himalaya Trail - Partners Presentation: AARN

Our partners Devold and Montbell provide us with high-quality clothing that will help us endure the harsh winter conditions in the Himalayas, an essentiel aspect of the success of our through-hike.

But another important element to consider is to be able to maintain a lasting effort during four to five months. We will be self-sufficient for most of the Great Himalaya Trail, which means we will carry all of our gear, as well as food and water.

This is why I am absolutely thrilled to work with AARN, from New Zealand, who provided me with one of their highly innovative and revolutionary bodypacks.

The extremely clever design of the packs gives free and fluid movement thanks to the Flow Motion Systems, allowing hips and shoulders to move independently while the load remains centered and stable. The use of Balance Pockets distributes the weight of the load around your center of gravity, allowing you to keep a natural upright posture. With no forward lean, and the load well distributed on the hips, you remain pain-free while hiking and I don't need to say that this makes a world of difference during a through-hike!

Amongst their wide range of bodypacks, I chose the Load Limo, the largest of their packs with a volume of 70L in size S, equipped with two Sports Balance Pockets (2 x 6L).

A full review of the Load Limo will be available soon.

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